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Tom Hope
Artistic Director

Tom has written, directed, produced and acted in Hong Kong theatrical productions since 1991 when he co-founded the Not So Loud Theatre Company while working as a lawyer here.  Now in its 25th year, Not So Loud continues to produce English language drama addressing Hong Kong issues in a dramatic way. Meantime, Tom retired from the law to work at The Old Vic in London (2003-6), produced two professional London shows (The Mouse Queen and Slippery Mountain 2007-8) before returning to Hong Kong in 2009 to pursue his dream of founding an English language professional repertory theatre company in the territory.

Emillie Chiu
Technical/Creative Director

A Fine Arts graduate (BA hons) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2013) then further studied Stage Production and Sound Design in The University of Virginia. Emillie is a local fabric installation artist whilst freelancing on numerous theatre, filming and multi-media projects in art direction and set/costume designs.


Check out her projects:

Maryjane Alejo
Consultant Participant

As an Arts Studies degree holder from the University of the Philippines (UP), Maryjane has been a professional performance artist for more than a decade. A multi-talented musician, her first love is drama and, as a founding member of Tag-ani Performing Arts Society, Inc., she has taught and hosted workshops on theatre, visual arts and song writing to complement her performance repertoire. Aside from Tag-Ani, she has performed as actor, stage manager, production manager, tour manager, scriptwriter, songwriter, musical director and director on numerous productions with the following organizations and companies: Alay Sining, Tambisan, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Amado V. Hernandez Research Center (AVHRC), National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP), Dulaang UP, UP School of Drama and Comparative Literature, World Theater Project, ST-Xposure, ASEAN-ROK Independent Cinema Project, Cinema One Originals, Habi Collective Media and Not-So-Loud Theater-Hong Kong.

Neil Art
Consultant Participant

Neil Art's delinquent dilettante endeavours in Hong Kong have included a turn as the Logician in Eugene Ionesco's "The Rhinoceros", which prompted a spate of subsequent appearances in theatrical productions and voice-dubbing for cartoons. Whether playing Dracula, the Tin Man, a character from "Journey to the West" or the Devil himself in "Don Juan In Chicago", Neil brings a honey-cured smokey hammy quality to theatrical proceedings. Oh, and he plays a big bass, a little.

Sandy Lau
Consultant Participant

Sandy Lau learned to sing, percuss and play trombone at Good Hope school in Hong Kong, where she was member of both the choir and the brass band.  She credits all her music teachers, the radio and her father for nurturing this musicality. 


Apart from performing on stage, at weddings and events, in concerts or busking on the street, Sandy also works on Environmental, Spiritual, Education, Traveling, Community & Creative projects - food waste recycling, composting, product design, green and spiritual tours, organic farming and food, healthy lifestyles… but her principal passion is God.  


Further info:

Andy Chworowsky
Consultant Participant

Apart from occasional breaks to run restaurants, Andy has been a professional actor in Hong Kong since 1982, when he joined the storied group Actor's Rep.  "Three Little Men" is his first production with Brave Heart, and his second with Not So Loud, having played Iago in Shakespeare's "Othello" a few years ago.  Movie credits include "Off Limits" with Willem Dafoe and "Shanghai Surprise" with Madonna and Sean Penn.  His nearly immortal lines "You guys are dicks for going to Duc Pho" and "It's in the stern, sir" were both relegated to the respective cutting room floors of said films.   If you search YouTube hard you can also see him being beaten up in a number of Hong Kong ninja and/or gangster movies from the eighties.  To support his theatre habit, Andy coaches speech and presentation skills with Black Isle Group and is a much sought-after event emcee.

Wing Man Lam
Consultant Participant

Wing Man Lam is a local writer and actor. She was trained in acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute in New York. She prides herself on being a one-time Instagram sensation for her portrayal of a very creepy broken rag doll  in Ocean Park’s Halloween Bash in 2013. She is currently studying how to write prose ‘properly’ with City University’s MFA program for creative writing. 

Alain Kaze
Consultant Participant

Alain Kaze was born in Cameroon, his motherland, to a lovely and beautiful African lady, 40 or so years ago.  He studied science up to second year in Cameroon at the University of Yaounde, where he opted out from the Math-Info programme to join his uncle, a renowned local artist in Cameroon and to develop his parallel interests in music and drama.


His passion for the arts prompted his travels across Africa and Europe to where he presently resides, Hong Kong.  To him, art is a “magic world” where he is able to discover himself by working within his crafts: a multi-media inspirational collection of his travels, creativity and unique visions.


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